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We cut the price on Virtual Private Servers in half!

We cut the price on Virtual Private Servers in half! 

Take advantage of reduced server prices and advanced anti-DDoS options. 

You can buy a VPS starting from 16 euro per month and experience new level of server configurations. Minimal configuration now includes 2 cores Intel Xeon, not less than 2 Ghz, 2 Gb RAM, and 50Gb disk space. 

Order a VPS with a 54% discount! 

Affordable Anti-DDoS protection.

Enable 1Mbit/s protected channel free of charge, or choose a traffic billing type according to your needs when ordering a server. 

More good news! We are happy to announce that starting today you can order failover available cloud server based on cluster supercomputers technology. For more information please refer to our the failover cloud server page.