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DDoS Protection Service

What are the most common DDoS attacks

Level 3-4 OSI Attacks
Attacks on the transport and network layers. Attackers "clog" channels with a large number of transmitted packets. A channel can not cope with the load and throws an error informing about the access denial. The server becomes unavailable to external users.

Level 7 OSI Attacks
Application-layer attacks consume not only the network resources but also utilize a server's resources by repeatedly accessing website data. In some cases, servers cannot withstand the load, which causes websites inaccessibility.

Business loses money

  • Customers' Loss
    Customers visit the website, see that it is not available and go to competitors.
  • Financial Loss
    Customers are not buying and money for hosting continues to be written off
  • Reputational Loss
    Customers may not return to the website that had once been unavailable

DDoS protection allows only the actual users to the website

We filter an inbound traffic and cut off malicious users. As a result, only real users reach your website, with spam-bots denied access to the server resources. Customers won't notice any changes in the behavior of the website: it will be available as if no attack on the server occurred.

For Virtual Hosting, DDoS protection is enabled by default. For a Virtual or Dedicated Server, the service should be enabled separately. Please check the information below for the terms and conditions and tariff plans.

Virtual Server
White traffic limit 1 MB/s 5 MB/s 10 MB/s 20 MB/s
Price per month free 14.37 € 25.00 € 42.50 €
excess of the bandwidth
quota billing per 1 MB/s
3.62 € 2.87 € 2.50 € 2.12 €
Billing Daily


Dedicated Server
White traffic limit 5 MB/s 10 MB/s 20 MB/s
Price per month 17.50 € 32.50 € 55.00 €
excess of the bandwidth
quota billing per 1 MB/s
3.50 € 3.25 € 2.75 €
Billing Daily


How to order DDoS protection?

Step 1

Log in your account and refill the account according to the plan selected.

Step 2

Send us your IP-address and a list of domains you would like to protect.

Step 3

Activate protection by yourself or ask our staff to do this for free.

How is the excess of the bandwidth quota billed?

During the day we measure channel speed of your server. Both incoming and outgoing traffic is calculated. The top 5% of the traffic is cut off, and the remaining amount becomes the billable use for the current day.

Example: on the 1st of May your bandwidth was 5 Mbit/s.
Overage is 4 Mbit/s (1 Mbit/s is included into your tariff plan). The next day you will be charged for 4 Mbit/s per day. Thus, on the 2nd of May you will be charged 4*7 / 31 = 0.90 €.
4 Mbit/s – resource overage
7 € – the cost of 1 Mbit/s per month
31 – the number of days in May
Daily charges are fair to clients. Even if your website traffic suddenly increases greatly, you won’t have to overpay for the whole month. You pay only for “peak use”. Pay only for what you use!

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