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Dedicated servers with E3v6 CPU - 4 months for a price of 3


In the summer better to pay for three months at once. Otherwise your admin leaves on vacation and secretary doesn't pay for a hosting in time. Or it can be someone else responsible for a project.

Anyway, the summer is not like the autumn, neither like the winter nor the spring. The sea, the sun, vacation... Hosting is the last thing to worry about. Knowing that, we are giving to you 4 months for a price of three for dedicated servers with E3v6 CPU.


Free migration to ISPserver

ISPserver offers free migration of up to 10 websites from another hosting provider to any of our hosting services.

40% discount for a year on shared hosting with domain order!


Order a domain name and get 40% discount on shared hosting for a year!

All shared hosting plans and domain zones are eligible for this promotion. For example, purchase a .com domain for 13 EUR and "Hosting ISPmanager" shared hosting plan will cost only 2.4 EUR a month for you!


Anniversary Sale: 16% OFF to all new products

16 years ago, on April 26, 1998 , ISPserver started its work. On our birthday, we decided to present you a nice gift.

Giving away presents on our birthday!


Giving presents on the company’s birthday is a good tradition of ours, and we intend to uphold it this year as well.

Get 18% discount on a new hosting order or renewal!


30% off on SSL-certificates

Some good news at the end of the month: purchasing VDS-Cloud or a dedicated server from our company will give you a 30% discount on SSL-certificate.