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The «It works!» Message Is Displayed But The Site Does Not Open

Possible reasons for such an error can be the following:

  1. The DNS server changes the new domain was created on hasn’t propagated yet. It takes 2 to 72 hours for a DNS server changes to propagate across the internet, depending on the domain zone.
  2. The website’s IP address has changed. In this case, you will need to change the IP address to a new one in the «Domain names (DNS)» section of the ISPmanager control panel, and then update the name servers by pressing the «Send to DNSmanager» button.
  3. A non-existing index page of the website is indicated. To check the index page, go to the «Sites» section in ISPmanager, select your site’s domain name, and press «Website settings».
    In the window that appears, check the entry in the «Index Page» field: it must either be empty, or have the values shown in the picture below, or contain a different name of the site’s index page, which is present on the server.
  4. The website’s files have not been uploaded into the domain directory on the server. Check that all the files of your site and CMS files are in the /www/your_domain_name folder.

There can also be other reasons for displaying the “It works!” message instead of opening the site, this would require detailed analysis of the site’s configuration file.

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